For over 12 years I have served the Entertainment Industry as an Illustrator and Designer. Working as part of large teams in house or completely on my own remotely.

My work has been mostly for the "Entertainment" Industry, specifically Themed Entertainment, Feature Films and Television Commercials. I provide Set Designs, Illustrations for production and in some cases On Screen art and Graphics.

I am also experienced with Web Design, large format Environmental Graphics and Digital Murals.

Available for freelance and contract work.
" If you don't know where you come from then you don't know where you are, and if you don't know where you are then you don' t know where you're going, If you don't know where you're going then your probably going wrong. "
-Terry Pratchett-

BRC Imagination Arts Comcast
Thinkwell Design & Production
Contour Entertainment
Dreamworks Television
Sega Gameworks
Mark Stutz and Associates
Universal Creative
Moxie Pictures
Propaganda Films
Pacific Rims Films
Anonymous Content
Vedawoo Design
Fur Lined
MJZ Productions

A native of Louisiana David was accepted at the prestigious Pasadena Art Center after a tour
of duty with the US Navy.

In 1997 he graduated with a BS in Transportaion / Entertainment Design.

Immediately following school, David was hired by BRC Imagination Arts : a leader in the Themed Entertainment industry, as a designer on multiple themed attractions.

Since that time David has moved on to working as a freelance artist serving the Entertainment Industry on a number of high profile Themed Attractions, Television Commercials and Feature Films.

When not working for clients he develops his own projects, reads, travels and attempts to learn Mandarin Chinese. Since the advances in communication technology make it possible, David currently splits his time between Asia and the United States working from where he is rather then living where he works. For more information on what this is like feel free to subscribe to his new blog at